Which Viper Pilot are you?

A viper fighter squadron is made up of a diverse group of pilots, each contributing his or her own unique talents to create a force of unparalleled power.

Ever wonder what kind of pilot you would make? Are you wild and unpredictable like Starbuck, or are you more of an Apollo? This short quiz is designed to find the pilot on BSG that most closely matches you.

Created by: eric
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  1. How well do you play with others?
  2. How do you prefer to spend your free time?
  3. Let's get philosophical. Is the glass half full, or half empty?
  4. Are human-model cylons simply "flesh-and-blood machines"?
  5. When someone disagrees with you, do you
  6. Your favorite team just lost a championship game. Which best matches your reaction?
  7. What is your idea of an ideal date?
  8. Which is more important-- playing by the rules or winning?
  9. Someone cuts you off in traffic. How do you react?
  10. You are at a party. A friend has had a few too many, and is about to drive home. Would you
  11. You find a wallet lying in the street. Do you
  12. Which is your favorite superhero?
  13. Someone makes an embarassing joke at your expense. Would you
  14. ***EXTRA CREDIT!!!*** What is the best BSG website?

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Quiz topic: Which Viper Pilot am I?