The Viper GTS Quiz

The Viper GTS. A finely tuned, high quality crafted masterpiece. Think you know what you're talking about when it's time to talk business? See just how much you know.

Hopefully these trivial questions will question your knowledge of the Viper GTS and push it to the limit to answer the questions that lie within. Good Luck!

Created by: Dan
  1. The first Viper GTS was produced in what year?
  2. Which automaker produces the Viper?
  3. The GTS puts out how much horsepower?
  4. The Viper GTS resembles which historical race car of the mid century
  5. My dream Viper's color and year:
  6. What was last year the GTS was produced?
  7. The GTS is famous in racing under what Team racing name?
  8. The wheelbase of a Viper GTS is:
  9. The GTS has how large of an engine?
  10. What is the height of a stock Viper GTS
  11. Under what name might you find a 1000hp Dodge Viper?
  12. The GTS weighed closest to what value?
  13. Estimated top speed:
  14. A GTS is exported to Europe and sold to the public under this company name:
  15. The Viper GTS is a _____ car. 1. Sports 2. Prototype 3. Muscle 4. Hybrid

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