Which Team Crafted Are You?

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Have you ever thought to yourself "man, I really wish I know which Minecraft youtuber I was from the 2014 coalition of letsplayers colloquially known as 'Team Crafted'"? You are in luck.

This quiz is unriggable and WILL assign you a team crafted kin you MUST stick with forever. There is no way any of this quiz could possibly be wrong in the slightest. Clearly.

Created by: angie
  1. The absolute f---ing banger of the century is.
  2. Who is the first pokemon.
  3. Just pick one
  4. Are you gay
  5. Ok, so you at one point had an obsession w one of these. Which was it.
  6. Do u know how to cook?
  7. Who would win in a fight?
  8. The best Minecraft mob is.
  9. 8 รท 2(2+2) = ?
  10. C r e e p e r

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Quiz topic: Which Team Crafted am I?