minecraft quiz by cj

there are lots of smart people very few geniuses! if you got 84% to 100% you are a genius on minecraft if not try try try again you'll get there some day just not now!

as you know 84% to 100% is a genius if you got this brag to your friends! i mean your a genius on minecraft! tell your favourite youtuber because your a genius! tell every one you know your a mine craft genius!

Created by: cody

  1. part 1 health! spider
  2. enderman
  3. chicken
  4. ghast
  5. horse
  6. endermite
  7. steve
  8. enderdragon
  9. the fishy thing that i forgot the name of
  10. part 2 characters! main male character?
  11. main female character?
  12. what mob did notch come up with while making the cow?
  13. who is a mythical character that was made up to scare people?
  14. who created minecraft?
  15. bajan Canadians favourite and best thing is
  16. part 3 armour! how much ingots does it take to make gold and iron amour?
  17. how many mobs can were armour?
  18. how many sets of armour are there?
  19. leather boots give you how many armour bars?
  20. last question because i can't be bothered doing anymore! what armour can players only get from creative mode?

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