Do you know minecraft songs

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Hello this quiz give you the knowlage to see if you know your minecraft parodys also if you get it wrong your the noob you need to work more and train harder.

Do you know your Minecraft quizes?Well join me and see if you get it right if you win your a master good luck if you win your part of my army obobobobobobo

Created by: Minecraftxpro
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  1. Who sings how do I craft this again?
  2. Who sings the raping part in revenge?
  3. What's the parody of mineshaft?
  4. It's deep underground past the bedrock
  5. Trick question what song do I like?(every song is my favorite and there's no wrong answer:D
  6. Hard one (hehehe) who sings take back the night
  7. Bob
  8. What comes next?how do I craft this again?
  9. Who is captain sparklez?
  10. Hardest question what's the exact favorite song I like (this time you can get it wrong) there 2

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Quiz topic: Do I know minecraft songs