Do you know minecraft?

Have you ever wondered if you are a minecraft pro?Try to find out if your better than me!But of course York not! I made this quiz.Please enjoy this!Enter now!

Are you a true minecraft pro.Do you have the knowledge?Try to find out in this test.Be sure to watch lots of minecraft vids after this!Also skydoesminecraft !

Created by: Angela
  1. Who is the person that calls gold budder?
  2. What is the name Of Truemu's pig?
  3. What quote does deadlox always says?
  4. What animal is Huskymudkipz?
  5. What us a "Betty"
  6. Who always says " come on biggums!"
  7. Who created Minecraft
  8. What is Huskymudkipz natural habitat?
  9. Who is Notch's brother?
  10. Did you enjoy this test?

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Quiz topic: Do I know minecraft?