Would You Survive In Minecraft?

Welcome To My Minecraft Quiz!, This Is A Test If You Would Survive In Minecraft, If You Kill The Enderdragon Than You Would Survive In Minecraft If You Die... Lets Just Say You Did Well

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Created by: 4Tristan4
  1. What Do You Do?: You Start In A Forest, Theres Lots Of Trees, A Pig, A Lake And A House, What Do You Do?.
  2. What Do You Do?: Theres A Creeper, A Cave, A Hill, A Village, What Do You Do?.
  3. What Do You Do?: Theres A Nether Portal, Theres A Lava Pit, Theres Moss Stone, Theres Another House, What Do You Do?.
  4. What Do You Do?: Theres A Hut In The Swamp Biome, A Enderman, A Ocean, A Pickaxe, The Void, What Do You Do?.
  5. If You Could Choose Any One Of These Which Would It Be?:
  6. If You Could Choose Any One Of These Which One Would It Be?:
  7. Which Is Better?:
  8. Which Is More Important?:
  9. How Many Times Do You Play Minecraft Each Day?
  10. You Have Lots Of Blocks To Build A House What Do You Do?:
  11. Who Made Minecraft?
  12. What Did You Think Of This Quiz?

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