Minecraft Geeks! Over here! Herobrine is real!

Herobrine is a virus. A virus to minecraft. You may think, like. I'm lying or something. But I'm sure it's him. It's not a prank. But something seemed weird that I didn't mention. I found a sign above my bed saying "Only god can save you now!" But it was signed "Sarah' and my friend Sarah plays minecraft with me.so that was a little fishy!

Are you a herobrine virus? Do you believe in herobrine. No actually knows the real story of herobrine. No one knows if he existed in the real world or in minecraft!

Created by: Diamond Emerald

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  1. BTW.What I mean by 'geeks' is 'LOVERS'
  2. BTW. Also, I'm not trolling about this!
  3. Right. Lets start. Well basically I spawned in a world, named pig. I did no seed. So, anyway, I was chopping down tress, then I heard a sound. My iPad volume was low. So it was fade. I just thought it was a chicken or something...
  4. Then I heard it again ( I have good hearing!). Then again. So I turned my iPad volume up. Ok, not a sound. I continued chopping down the tree. And this time the sound came and it was louder! It sounding like chopping trees! I doubled check it was on singlemode. I quickly crafted a sword and went to investigate. I found pork on the floor. And cooked beef. Trunks without leaves.
  5. I started shaking. It was Heronrine. I knew it! Then I had proof! Herobrines spawning point. The giant H!
  6. I wondered. Should I get off my ipad. Delete the game? Would herobrine be gone? But I was brave and carried on. Nothing happened the next 3 weeks. When I built a house. Switched it off peaceful. I had a chest full of diamonds and gold and all them ores! But it was only one night. I was out killing chicken and sheep and that. And I came home. It was dark. I put my ores I found in my chest. I put a sign above the chest before. And it said 64 diamond, 36 gold and 64 and 32 iron. I put my mob droppings away and went to bed.
  7. I seemed like a strange night. And I was half right! It was deadly! I woke up and went to my chest! All my ores were gone. All my mob drops. Everything! All my chest were empty! I opened my door and there were a lake of lava surround in all the way round my house. So I couldn't get out. I couldn't jump because the size was expanded! I had no wood so I couldn't craft. But I got an idea my house was made out of cobble!
  8. But then I realised. When you mine cobble with your bare hands it disappears! I had nothing in my selection bit thing! Because I put it all away! What should I do?
  9. I stayed walking up and down in my house thinking. As soon as it turned dark. I went to bed as soon as possible. As soon as I could. But in the middle of my sleep. Someone must of been herobrine and I was right . Someone broke my bed. With beady eyes stood in my face. "Only god can save you now!" He typed. I immediately log off! Deleted all my worlds. Deleted the game. Deleted all the Internet sources i had excepted google (coz gotoquiz)!
  10. What should o do? And BTW this isn't reliable coz I haven't got Proof! If someone made an quiz about them seeing herobrine I wouldn't believe it. But I'm telling you this, is all true!

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