Which minecraft ore are you?

There are so many minecraft ores... Oh who am I kidding? There's only 8. At least that's enough to make a decent quiz! Does the quiz agree with which ore you think you are?

Help Steve with his minecraft adventure! He's recently had a mining trip and got ores, but he didn't know they could talk! Join Steve, going through his every request, always loyal to him! Unless you don't want to.

Created by: Thomas
  1. Do you want to help me enchant?
  2. OK, but it's getting dark. Do you have any light sources?
  3. Ooh! A cave! Do you want to help me mine?
  4. Now that's over, do you have any food to replenish my health?
  5. Now I have a question. Do you relate to any other ores?
  6. I locked myself out again!
  7. A helicopter! Can you signal it?
  8. Brrr! It's cold in this helicopter! Can you warm me up?
  9. Want a water adventure?
  10. Now we'll head to the village!

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Quiz topic: Which minecraft ore am I?