How Well Do You Know Minecraft?

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There are LOTS, and I repeat lots, of Minecraft players and lovers out there. But not all deserve the title of Minecraft genius. But they are out there.

Should you be a Minecraft genius, or just another player? Take this quiz to find out. But remember: No cheating! If you cheat, and get 100%, you're in trouble. Somebody might ask you about something, and thats not good if you don't know!

Created by: MissElsa
  1. What two things could you do in the very first version of Minecraft?
  2. What company owns Minecraft?
  3. In what update was the Elytra added?
  4. How did you get wool in Minecraft beta 1.0?
  5. In what update were Strays added?
  6. What do you name a sheep to turn it rainbow colored?
  7. What do you name a bunny to make it black and white?
  8. What animal will purposefully sit on your bed?
  9. Where can you find naturally spawning beds?
  10. Trick Question: What was The End originally going to be?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Minecraft?