Are you a minecraft noob??

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There are many minecraft players put there, but what about noobs? Noobs love to collect deadbushes and build very "detailed" houses. They don't like when people make fun of their inc sacs.

Are YOU a minecraft noob? Do you have enough inc sacs to claim that title? You can only wonder until you take this quiz. In a few minutes (Or longer), you can find out!

Created by: DeadbushKing
  1. Do you like deadbushes?
  2. What kind of house would you make?
  3. What is your favorite item?
  4. Do you think you're a minecraft noob? (No Effect)
  5. What is your favorite number? (I'm running out of ideas...)
  6. Potato
  7. You are out mining one day. You go down into a huge cave system and decide to go into an unexplored part. It turns out to be a dead end so you turn to leave, but a creeper is blocking your way.
  8. I like pancakes
  9. Oops that last question was a mistake
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a minecraft noob??