Which minecraft tool are you?

Do you love mining trees, ore or...um...dirt? Do you love farming and fighting mobs? Then it should be obvious which ore you are. But if it isn't quite so obvious, take this quiz!

Of course you are still able to take this quiz if it is obvious, since the tool you are reflects your personality! Plus, who knows, your result might not turn out how you expect...

Created by: Thomas of Which minecraft ore are you?
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  1. Do you think a compass counts as a tool?
  2. What's your house made of?
  3. Oh no! You're lost in a cave! How do you get out?
  4. A creeper is coming towards you. What do you do?
  5. Ooh! Diamonds!
  6. No! Lava came out of it! What do you do about losing your diamond?
  7. Phew, it's just water dyed orange. Now what?
  8. If another material could be used to make tools what would you choose?
  9. Pow!
  10. Halfway through!
  11. 999 what's your emergency?
  12. Which question is this?
  13. Wait, am I still playing minecraft?
  14. If you could add anything into minecraft, what would it be?
  15. ?
  16. You find emeralds. What do you do with them?
  17. Now you find redstone.
  18. Now you find coal
  19. Now bedrock
  20. And finally you find...dirt

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