How well do you know minecraft

There are a bunch of pros and noobs. But which one you are? Are you a pro or a noob? Take the quiz to find out. This quiz was created by Loltz25075. Thank You!

Please rate the quiz 5 stars and I hope you enjoy. You will find out in minutes if you are a pro or noob and this is the best quiz you can find. I've token many quizzes that are inaccurate to everyone.

Created by: Loltz25075

  1. Durability of a wooden sword
  2. What's the most easiest mob to kill
  3. What's the hardest mob to kill
  4. Which mob has most health
  5. How do you mine
  6. Fastest passive mob without riding it
  7. How many times do you die a month
  8. What device
  9. Most useless item
  10. Do you think you did good

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Quiz topic: How well do I know minecraft