Do you know Minecraft?

I saw that it was free so I tried it and it was fun and easy and I think that the pals should do it because they are not very good at Minecraft so they will lurn from this.

This quiz is to find out if you are a total noob, noob, good, excellent or a pro at Minecraft! Minecraft is one off the best games in the world so don't say it is a bad game plz.

Created by: ZooziSparkles
  1. What do you use a axe for?
  2. How to tame a horse
  3. How to make a cake
  4. When was Minecraft made?
  5. Are there mods for Minecraft
  6. Do YouTubers play this game
  7. Is there a cat skin for Minecraft
  8. Dose Minecraft have mobs
  9. Can you go to the end
  10. Do sheep run away from you

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Quiz topic: Do I know Minecraft?