How Well Do You Know Minecraft?

Many Many Many people play Minecraft. Few people know about the secrets and not so secrets of Minecraft. Some Minecraftians are noobs who go around placing random blocks of dirt.

Are YOU a Minecraftian? Do YOU know the secrets of Minecraft? Are YOU a pro at Minecraft? Do YOU know a noob? Take this test to know all those things!

Created by: WaterLilly

  1. First, What is the rarest ore in Minecraft?
  2. Second of all, How long is one Minecraft day and night?
  3. How do you make a cobblestone generator?
  4. How many episodes of Minecraft Story Mode (MCSM) by Telltale Games are there by 6-9-2016?
  5. What is the number one rule of Minecraft?
  6. What was meant to be a pig?
  7. What arctic animal did they add in update 1.10?
  8. What are the wings called that let you glide?
  9. How much is Minecraft in the U.S.A for PC/Mac/Linux?
  10. How many hearts does the Wither have?
  11. How many hearts does the Ender Dragon have?
  12. Who crated MInecraft?
  13. How do you get Jeb's Secret Disco Sheep?
  14. What do you first do in Minecraft survival?
  15. Where is the most ideal place for your crafting table?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Minecraft?