Extreme Minecraft Quiz!!!

There are many people who are just good at Minecraft, but very few who are MASTERS. To get a master you need 85 to 100 percent. If you get a result of a pro, that's still great!

Are YOU a pro? Do you have what it takes to pass the Extreme Minecraft Quiz? This quiz will tell you if you can! Remember if you do bad, it's okay. Learn more and take the quiz again!

Created by: RandomQuizzesDude888
  1. What is the difference from a piston to a sticky piston that has to do with redstone?
  2. What are the things you need to make a nether portal? (Crafting answers are only correct, and it has to be the cheapest way)
  3. Who and what company is the creator of Minecraft?
  4. How can I drop a stack of items?
  5. Which blocks have physics?
  6. How many blocks can pistons push?
  7. Which of the following are stackable up to 16?
  8. Which of the following if the correct key to go to the options?
  9. Which of these are an animal in Minecraft?
  10. How do you set your spawn point without commands?
  11. What snapshot were the polar bears added in?
  12. How do you eat in Minecraft?
  13. What is the rarest block in Minecraft?
  14. Did you enjoy this quiz? (Doesn't effect score)
  15. What will you rate this quiz? (Doesn't effect score)

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