Short Minecraft pro quiz (HARD)

This is a Quiz that will see if you are pro or not in Minecraft complete the quiz to find out and hope your no noob! have fun with the Minecraft pro quiz.

if you fail the quiz. don't sweat it. you just might need to play Minecraft a little more and learn about it before testing on pro quizzes... no worries.

Created by: Josh

  1. what mob appears out of certain types of stone? a lot of times found in strongholds.
  2. what type of ridable animal can have chest storage on it???
  3. what block can an Enderman not carry
  4. How long does it take to mine obsidian with your hand?
  5. how much durability does a diamond hoe have?
  6. what was Minecraft originally called?
  7. is herobrine real?
  8. how long is a day in Minecraft. (including night time )
  9. what food helps cure zombie villagers
  10. what potion helps cure zombie villagers
  11. what is the hardest to obtain material in the game?
  12. how many hearts does the player have
  13. what is most explosive
  14. what were fish originally called when caught?
  15. was the quiz hard

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