Are You a True Minecraft Player?

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This is a quiz telling you how much you know Minecraft. If you like Minecraft, this is the test for you! If you pass this test...Then good job! Have a good testing!

Make sure to do your best, or you'll probably fail. Don't make a big deal if you fail, you can fail if you want, don't cry or anything like that, good day!

Created by: Stanley Uris
  1. Which can you not play Minecraft on?
  2. Which Created Minecraft?
  3. Which is not on Minecraft?
  4. What is a villager?
  5. What is Herobrine?
  6. Is Notch a rumour?
  7. Is a pig a hostile mob?
  8. Why do Enderman attack you?
  9. What is Mincraft?
  10. Do you like mincraft???????

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Minecraft Player?