Minecraft Pro Test

This is a Test about minecraft so Good Luck with your test (You:I wonder This will be a test so let,s begin) But first if you want to test your skills at minecraft try entering 3 or 4 quiz about your topic so you can see if you are a minecraft pro the reason why is so other people might write easy test so get started now.

If you enjoyed my quiz or test please leave a like to the test and I will wish you good luck and get started now(you:Ok This Will Be Easy) 3 2 1 GO WHAT R U WAITING FOR?

Created by: Maxwell
  1. What do you do first when you entered a brand new world
  2. What happen when you killed a zombie
  3. What is minecraft , describe it
  4. What do you do when the sun is setting ?
  5. How Do you make a ender dragon egg?
  6. What is the nether?
  7. How do you enter hypixel
  8. What the name for the minecraft default player
  9. Who is Notch

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