How much experience do you have in minecraft?

Welcome to the minecraft quiz! Do you have what it takes to finish the game? Try this quiz to test your minecraft brain! Lets hope its good enough to pass this test

Score from newbie to veteran in this quiz for crafters, compare your scores and see who's the bigger veteran! This is my first quiz, so i seriously don't know what to say in thus paragraph. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Bradenderguardian

  1. What is the first valuable resource you will find in minecraft?
  2. What tool is used to plant crops?
  3. What level are diamonds found on?
  4. What positive effects do conduits give you?
  5. Which of these 3 creatures are from minecraft?
  6. What does the first minecraft boss drop?
  7. What are the centre coordinates for a minecraft flat world?
  8. What is the name of the minecraft endboss?
  9. Should you dig straight down?
  10. Do you remember the nether reactor?
  11. In the indev phase of minecraft, what did endermen drop?
  12. What was the original texture for crying obsidian?
  13. What would a mob drop if it were blown up by a supercharged creeper?
  14. What is the rarest ore in minecraft?
  15. How do you make concrete in minecraft?
  16. What does a beacon do in minecraft?
  17. What were the first two blocks in minecraft?
  18. What tool should you use to mine obsidian?
  19. What mythical minecraft monster has white eyes and a Steve skin?
  20. Which of these YouTubers are OG minecraft veterans?
  21. #(5£*+%£svjgfHEROBRINEfx£&%£_(
  22. Which pillager uses an axe?
  23. How long does it take to mine obsidian without a diamond pickaxe?
  24. Is herobrine in the xbox 360 console edition?
  25. How were creepers made?
  26. What was the expected biome update for 1.16?
  27. What do evokers drop?
  28. How do you craft TNT?
  29. How do you charge a respawn anchor?
  30. How do you craft a banner?

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Quiz topic: How much experience do I have in minecraft?