Are you a pro at minecraft

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Well I say this is a quiz you'll enjoy! Please try you're best because if you're PRO you'll get a reward! and It's a good one not like the others with there quiz's

Try to pass the test wisely and be wise about it! A PRO does not think he does that's how you become one now take the quiz enjoy and DO NOT spoils it!

Created by: Bernhardo

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  1. If you're in a forest and you don't know where to go and you're lost and naked. What do you do?
  2. Random quiz question!!!! Do you like flying pigs with laser coming out the buts?
  4. Which is more awesome?
  5. Do you die in you're traps more than 1 time a day?
  6. Do you like the cheese mod in Minecraft updated 2006 in a Minecraft studio in Calafornia?
  7. Lets play a game! its called Iron,diamond,Gold Diamond beats everything gold beats iron irons useless
  8. What do you think you are in Minecraft? I made it extra easy!
  9. I for example you found diamond - what would you do?
  10. Last question... Do you think you're awesome?

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Quiz topic: Am I a pro at minecraft