Minecraft quiz. how much do you know?

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Hello everyone! this is my second quiz! i will tell you how much you know about Minecraft! Try your best. Take your time. And don't rush! you might get something wrong by mistake!

There are 30 questions. Please enjoy. Because if you don't I'll be... kinda sad... ok well enjoy! gotta waste digit spaces so here's letters. hbcbchsdd

Created by: GL1TCH3D SH4D0W
  1. First, what's the 2 original skins?
  2. Which is girl and which is boy?
  3. What are the bosses?
  4. How many minutes in a day? (not including night)
  5. Name all see creatures.
  6. When was the game first released as a full game?
  7. which animals can you tame?
  8. Which mob leads you to treasure if you feed them?
  9. What is the group of mobs, who attack the village, called?
  10. How many colours of axolotl are there in Minecraft?
  11. If you hold a flower, which mob will come towards you?
  12. Which mobs attack with a bow and arrow?
  13. Which mob has different varieties? (angry, sick, brown, stick tongue out)
  14. Can foxes be orange or white?
  15. How many biomes are in Minecraft?
  16. What mob was the creeper originally meant to be?
  17. How many colours of wool are there?
  18. What mob teleports?
  19. What mob can get you an achievement when you saddle it and ride it off a cliff?
  20. What effect does the Elder Guardian give you when you are near its habitat?
  21. Which colour of sheep when it spawns is rare?
  22. What flower does the Iron Golem hold out to a baby villager?
  23. Which mob spawns in a cave and goes away when a player is near?
  24. How many sizes do magma cubes and slimes have?
  25. How many biomes does the Nether have?
  26. Which items can a drowned have in its hand?
  27. Which set of armour doesn't have horse armour of the same set?
  28. How do you tame a fox?
  29. What can you feed goats with?

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Quiz topic: Minecraft quiz. how much do I know?