Minecraft 1.6.2 Test

There are the redstone geeks, the TNT trollers, the fittest survivalers, etc. Do you know from all groups? Which one are you? Who are you in the game? Are any of these questions brought upon you boggling your mind?

If your minf is being boggled already than unboggle it. You have no clue what I'll ask. Be prepared for the hardest questions of the top game, "Minecraft"!

Created by: RyMC3
  1. What is the icon for the game whilst playing?
  2. How many items are generally in a 'stack'?
  3. How much is the game?
  4. What was the first boss in the game?
  5. How many people currently have purchused the game?
  6. What is the first gamemode?
  7. What is the first gamemode?
  8. What structure is not randomly generated into the world?
  9. Which of the following are not a redstone circuit?
  10. Which mob has the most health?
  11. Which mob has the most health?
  12. Which mob has the most health?
  13. What do you need to create a Nether Portal?
  14. How many 'Eyes of Ender' are needed for an activated End Portal?
  15. What is the Block ID for a command block?
  16. What was the first block implemented in the coding?
  17. Which command is unavailabe to vanilla?
  18. What does the term Vanilla mean?
  19. What year was the game made?
  20. Where is the game not available for purchuse?
  21. Under what FPS is considered lag for the game?
  22. What are 'snapshots'?
  23. Which is not a biome implemented?
  24. Which is not a gamerule?
  25. What do you need to make a fishing rod?
  26. How many sets of armour are there?
  27. How many hostile mobs are there?
  28. How many items can be flung out of dispensers?
  29. How many hears of damage does a wooden sword do?
  30. Is Herobrine real?

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