Buttermink Quiz 3- Minecraft

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This quiz will gauge your knowledge on how well you know the indie game, Minecraft. I hope you are up for the task, because every answer is important. Good luck.

This quiz was made by Buttermink. You can find me on the SuperCell forums. Just search Buttermink, and you should be able to find me. Have fun, and do not fail this quiz.

Created by: Justin
  1. Which Minecraft mod includes the King and the Queen bosses?
  2. Which blocks in Minecraft are affected by gravity?
  3. Which of these mobs are found in the Nether?
  4. Which block is created from water and lava and must be mined with a diamond pickaxe?
  5. Which server in Minecraft is considered a MMORPG?
  6. How can you get rid of the poison effect before the timer on it runs out?
  7. Which of these blocks is resistant to a ghast's fireball?
  8. Who is Minecraft's creator?
  9. Which company currently owns Minecraft?
  10. If you travel 1 block in the Nether, how many blocks are you traveling in the Overworld?
  11. Which boss is known to drop the nether star?
  12. What update brought the Wither boss to the console edition of Minecraft?
  13. What is a popular Minecraft mini-game that is based of of a popular book series?
  14. How tall is the playable character in Minecraft?
  15. Who is a mythical character that is claimed to be Notch's brother?

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