THIS IS ONE HARD QUIZ. Don't expect a good result even if your a minecraft pro cause this is filled with all my best knolege about the game. And if you don't have minecraft download it now! And I recommend you study on minecraft wiki before taking. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Are you a pro? Let's find out with this minecraft quiz! I took afew other minecraft quizzes and they were all lame and I scored 100% on em' but this one is hard hard hard!

Created by: Elisa

  1. Name how long it takes to break obsidian with a diamond pic
  2. How many hearts does a creeper explosion in the center of impact do on hard?
  3. What about medium?
  4. How do you make a potion of poison lv1
  5. True or False? There is a limited building space in beta.
  6. What are the two ways to get a disc.
  7. What can you make using all the materials listed: 4 obsidian 2 diamond 1 book
  8. How do you kill a ghats with your bare hands on a 1 block platform with the ghast 25 blocks away?
  9. What is the oldest beta version
  10. Who or what is herobrine?
  11. When was herobrine ban/taken off for sure
  12. What category is MINECRAFT in

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