How Much Do You Know About Minecraft?

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You have heard about Minecraft and maybe have played a few games. But how much do you REALLY know about this popular game? You could be an expert or not know anything.

In a few minutes, you will find out how much you REALLY know about the popular game, Minecraft. Good luck as you take this quiz, and thank you so much for taking it!

Created by: Zane Is Here

  1. How many modes are in Minecraft?
  2. Which creature explodes when it gets near you?
  3. What can you build on Minecraft?
  4. Can you chat on Minecraft?
  5. Is it like building with Legos?
  6. Minecraft is for kids. True or false?
  7. Are Creepers good or bad?
  8. Can you kill people on Minecraft?
  9. Can you play with other people on Minecraft?
  10. Can you build stuff in real life that you build on Minecraft?
  11. Are zombies good or bad?
  12. Can you see peoples blood when they die on Minecraft?
  13. Can you fly on Minecraft?
  14. Is Minecraft for little kids?
  15. Is Minecraft for pre-teens?
  16. Is Minecraft for teenagers?
  17. Do you have a Minecraft account?
  18. Do you think Minecraft is fun?
  19. Thank you for taking my How Much Do You Know Minecraft? quiz. Goodbye.

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Minecraft?