what world Minecraft, Zelda or, Naruto

three of my favorite things Minecraft Zelda and Naruto all of which are awsome and have defining characteristics that decide if you succeed or fail these could mean life and death

so where would you be best off take this and you will see now I won't tell you about these, it might influence your score but still anyone familiare with these should know what is what

Created by: niloc
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. you have a choice, to confront an enemy head on; to surprise them; or to lay an injenious trap do you:
  2. which is the best work?
  3. which is best
  4. do you perfer to create, destroy, or, both
  5. what is your ideal career
  6. how do you feel about people
  7. what do you enjoy
  8. whet magic is best
  9. which symbol is the best
  10. would you perfer

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