How much do you know about Minecraft?

There are many Minecraft know-it-all's, but few TRUE Minecraft pros. What is a minecraft pro? Well, take this quiz and you may find out. Maybe not. heh.

Are YOU a TRUE Minecraft pro? Do you have the power to be a true minecraft pro? You will figure out right now. Maybe you aren't a pro. Maybe you are..

Created by: JoobJoobz
  1. What are all the Neutral mobs?
  2. What is Notch's real name?
  3. What are creepers?
  4. Who is Herobrine?
  5. How do you pokemon in your game?
  6. What does Notch drop upon death?
  7. How many units does a lava bucket burn in the furnace?
  8. How do you craft an enchantment table?
  9. Where was Mojang originated?
  10. What light level will zombies stop spawning?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Minecraft?