The Minecraft Test

How much do you know about minecraft? You can find out by taking my test! You will be asked a series of questions about the game, some are easy but others

are harder than others. Who knows? You might know as much as notch! Or you might just be another noob. Who knows. Good luck on the test! And if you don't do good, that's ok too!

Created by: Countrymusic52
  1. How do you obtain blocks of leaf?
  2. How many wood planks would 2 blocks of pure wood make?
  3. How many snowballs can be stacked on top of one another?
  4. Fill in the blank. Clay can be burned into _____.
  5. Which of the following can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe?
  6. What are saplings used for?
  7. What does SMP stand for?
  8. Are pumpkins rare?
  9. What can pumpkins be used for?
  10. How do you obtain a mob spawner?
  11. Define nether.
  12. What do spiders drop when killed?
  13. Is glowstone found naturally in the overworld?
  14. How many wood planks does it take to make 4 sticks

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