How Much Do You Know About Minecraft

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A minecraft quiz to test your knowledge and skills in minecraft. Please ENJOY. Do not take this quiz if you have never played minecraft, you will fail miserably (or my test is just really easy)

Um thats all i have too say... shout out tooo notch for creating this game and also pls play it yourself its rly good and everybody likes it for a reason. Know take the test pls.

Created by: Rosa Minghella
  1. Welcome to the Minecraft quiz. Test Your Knowledge Of Minecraft! First Question: In 1.13.1 what will Drowned do to Turtles?
  2. All Of these questions will be set in version 1.13.1. Second Question: Which of These Minecraft Facts is a Lie?
  3. How Often Do Minecraft Chickens Lay Eggs?
  4. Which Off These Mob Spawning Facts Is True
  5. Which Of These Options Were Minecrafts Original Name
  6. Which of these materials is used to create a Iron Golem?
  7. Which of these facts about Phantoms is not true?
  8. Which of these Minecraft banner facts is true
  9. Which of these Minecraft 'The End' facts are true?
  10. Fate? (wont effect your answer)

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