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Sure, the low-poly block world of Minecraft looks simple. But it is vast, it is wide, it is endless!!! There are as many ways to play as there are players. There's so much to know, so much to learn...

From technical facts to lore -- how much do you know? Wrap yourself in Minecraft glory! Take the quiz and prove yourself a worthy citizen of the Minecraft world.

Created by: ItchyKitten
  1. How long is a Minecraft day?
  2. What were CREEPERS originally meant to be?
  3. True or False: you will always be poisoned from eating raw chicken.
  4. Where was Minecraft created?
  5. Who or what is NOTCH?
  6. One swing of a Diamond Sword is equivalent to how many hits?
  7. What is Notch's real name?
  8. What was Minecraft's first OFFICIAL name?
  9. What happens when you burn 1 wooden tree trunk?
  10. What is the second weakest armor?
  11. An area of blocks 16 wide, 16 long, and 256 deep is called a what?
  12. If you had a Minecraft block in real life, how wide/tall would it be?
  13. True or False: There is a recipe for crafting Sandstone.
  14. How many of your chosen materials do you need to make a full set of armor?
  15. What change did Notch note in the update of Beta 1.6.6?
  16. What materials do you need to make a Crafting Table?
  17. Which mob exists, but is unused?
  18. How many hits does it take to kill a pig?
  19. What materials are needed to make an Enchantment Table?
  20. True or False: Steves were an actual mob in Alpha.
  21. What is the rarest ore in Minecraft?
  22. What is the maximum distance you can stand away from a Boat or Minecart before it will not let you climb in?
  23. What happens if you put a Pig with a saddle in a Minecart and ride it?
  24. True or False: Stampylongnose is da bomb.
  25. How do you get to The End?

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