Starry Story: Minecraft Trivia

Do you play Minecraft? I play Minecraft. Minecraft is cool. This is a made up Minecraft Story. Every sentence is gonna have Minecraft in it. Minecraft is the scene in the story.

True, true, Minecraft rules. Speed, Dragonsmith, Steve, and Alex play Minecraft. If you don't play Minecraft, you should. This Minecraft Story will encourage you. Minecraft!

Created by: Starlet
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  1. You are traveling with your three friends. Your name is _____ and you are _____.
  2. You find an un-player in a cobble tower the strange-cloaked villagers have made. What is an un-player?
  3. The un-player is on the second floor, and she looks like a girl version of Herobrine.
  4. The girl's name is Night. She wants to join you. The _____ Quadruplet turned into the _____ Quintet.
  5. You and the new Quintet exit the large, strange village and find a notebook on the ground. It's from a dead un-player. What is the title?
  6. " I've just left my family to fight the monsters. I'm looking for a place to live. So far, I've found a flat, tree-less tundra. Only enderman spawn here, and very little. They can't break unnatural blocks, so my house will be made of cobble. I hope I survive to get back to my family."
  7. You stop reading because it's scaring you. Only a little, but still. You continue
  8. You're kind of getting closer friendship with _____. Do you think they might like you?
  9. Around the tundra, you hit a blizzard. You take shelter in a shallow cave with lava very close to the surface. Something, two white somethings, are glowing in the dark. What?
  10. The blizzard stopped, and you've left the white things behind. You're in the desert, in a desert village, stopping for rest.
  11. You start traveling again, and come across a temple. Night gets excited and runs towards it, breaking the top of the pyramid and jumping in. She is
  12. You enter the center of the maze, which has four blocks of gold stacked in the middle. Night breaks a piece of orange wool beside it and jumps through. You
  13. When you come up again, you mine the gold. Lightning flashes outside, and stood before you:
  14. Herobrine says he is good, and you'll believe him. He is. Now you are the _____ Sextet. Your reaction:
  15. Herobrine helps you on your quest for knowledge of why you're in Minecraft, and then suddenly you're in the Void.
  16. Night explains everything.
  17. You kill Fire, and you kind of beat up Night for not telling the truth. Herobrine defends her, and you're scared he's going to ___.
  18. You apologize, earn your knowledge, and go back to living as friends. You're a family.
  19. You live happily ever after. END OF QUIZ. Did you like it? (No effect.)

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