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Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever! People play it on their PC, Xbox, play station and iOS devices but now it's time to see if you really play it with this classic quiz!

Do you think you're smarter than notch himself? Do you think you play lots and lots of minecraft? Well in just a couple of minutes you'll find out for real! Good luck, have fun and enjoy!

Created by: Conor hall

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  1. Which of these are minecraft characters?
  2. Which of these are minecraft weapons?
  3. Who are the main minecraft characters?
  4. What types of armour can you have?
  5. Which of these are NOT Minecraft mobs?
  6. Who are developers for minecraft?
  7. Which of these are minecraft locations?
  8. Who is one of the bosses in minecraft?
  9. What do you NOT build to travel to the nether?
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