Chronicles of Ancient Darkness quiz

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There are loads of geniuses you know. But top geniuses can have mega minds! I personally think that each and every person can be a mega genius too. Just keep trying!!!

Do you know if YOU are a genius of mega minds? Well if you take this spectacular quiz, then you will find about your true power of geniuses. Now you will find out!

Created by: Lalarough

  1. Who' s Renn's mother?
  2. What is a tokoroth?
  3. Who is murdered in Oath Breaker?
  4. Which of the following clans are Torak's kin?
  5. Why is Torak clan less?
  6. How many cubs do Wolf and Darkfur have?
  7. In which book does Saeunn die?
  8. In Outcast what sickness is the one Torak's got?
  9. Where was Torak born?
  10. What colour is Wolf's eyes?

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