what Wolf Brother clan are you in?

ever wondered wha tclan you would be in if you were a charecter in 1 of the books in the series the chronicles of ancient darkness?

well i may be able 2 give you an answer. if you do all the questions and in order your result will be the most fitting. only if you answer truthfully though. if you dont get something that describes you look at the other possible choices that may have 2 do w/ u

Created by: alex27972797

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  1. what would you do if you were stranded on an island without anything?
  2. if you knew there was an icestorm coming what would you do?
  3. pick your favorite
  4. pick your favorite
  5. what would you rather be able to do?
  6. what describes you best?
  7. pick the name of water that stands out to you
  8. pick somthing you have done (if there is more than 1 pick the 1 you do most)
  9. pick 1 but do not go on untill u have done this!
  10. that last one was to throw you off....anyway pick the thing you would rather have 2 survive in any climate

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Quiz topic: What Wolf Brother clan am I in?