Minecraft Trivia

You should know the concept of the game or atleast the objective of your adventure in Minecraft you should be smart in the game and do everything carefully.

You are really good at Minecraft trivia quizzes and you are really smart in Minecraft . You must play Minecraft a lot? Check out other Minecraft trivia quizzes or create your own.

Created by: Eugene
  1. Do you like Minecraft?
  2. Can you sleep in the nether?
  3. Who is stronger...
  4. What animal usually survives anything?
  5. What's more rare?
  6. How many bones does it takes to tame a wolf?
  7. Was question 8 hard.
  8. How long does it take to kill a spider?
  9. In what mod can you have Godzilla.
  10. What has the least health?
  11. What's the most efficient way to kill the Ender dragon???
  12. What are spiderjockeys?
  13. At what level can you find diamonds.
  14. At what level can you find diamonds.
  15. Are you liking this quiz?
  16. Is herobrine spawnable?
  17. (If you chose in mods for the last question answer this question) (if you didn't go on to the next question.) In what mods is herobrine spawnable???
  18. How much does Minecraft cost for PC and pe?
  19. What's most common?
  20. What food sometimes gives you a potion effect?
  21. What's the best potion?
  22. What's the worst potion?
  23. Who is Steve

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