Clash of Clans Quiz

Over a million people play the mobile strategy game, Clash of Clans. This quiz will help determine who knows what they are talking about, and who is just playing the game without actually playing the game.

Are you a Clash of Clans expert? Prove your knowledge by taking this quiz to see how you do. The questions are easy, if you actually pay attention to the game that you play. Do well. The results are waiting.

Created by: Justin

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  1. At what Town Hall level is the minion unlocked?
  2. Which company created Clash of Clans?
  3. Which attack strategy uses a combination of PEKKAs, Wizards, and Golems?
  4. Who was the first player to ever reach 4,000 trophies?
  5. On what date was Clash of Clans released?
  6. How many gems do you have to spend in order to get all five builders?
  7. What does PEKKA mean?
  8. Is it possible to stay at the first Town Hall level without completing the tutorial?
  9. What is the unit that spawns undead monsters to distract defenses called?
  10. How long does it take to upgrade the Barbarian King to upgrade at Level 15 and beyond?
  11. Which units are know to split into multiple units when they die?
  12. What is the term used for using a lightning spell on a dark elixir storage?
  13. Which two troops have the highest movement speed in game?
  14. Who is the most popular YouTuber that releases Clash of Clans content?
  15. Which troop has the highest DPS in game?
  16. What is the minimum age requirement to play Clash of Clans?
  17. Which ground troop has the ability to completely bypass walls?
  18. Which troop was introduced in the Clash of Clans 2014 Halloween update?
  19. Which defensive structure requires elixir to function?
  20. Which two in-game troops have their own hero?

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