Let's test your Clash Royale knowledge. :D

Clash Royale is a strategy game where you get to collect cards and upgrade them and battle against people, only the best at strategy can make it to legendary arena, UNLESS YOUR A f---ING SPAWNER SPAMMING FGT.

Let's us test your Clash Royale knowledge, either your a noob, pro or an expert, if ur a noob, then your a god damn hut spawner, now stop reading this in your mind, and go take the quiz

Created by: IAmJosh
  1. Who were the very first two legendaries?
  2. How many arenas are in the game?
  3. What's the the highest level in the game?
  4. Three cards that people hate the most
  5. True or false: in the beta version, the Prince was a rare before being an epic
  6. What cards where added in the May Update 2016?
  7. Which cards do people say are OP (overpowered)?
  8. Name the rarities in order
  9. What do most noobs do when they start the game?
  10. Who does the most dps (damage per second)?
  11. What spell was the first ever legendary?
  12. What is the maximum number of people that can join a clan?
  13. What was added on the July 4th 2016 update?
  14. Release date of Clash Royale?
  15. Release date for Clash Royale in Mobile?
  16. How many chests are in the game?
  17. Name them all. >:3
  18. Which chest do you have the highest chance of getting a legendary?
  19. Name my most favorite Clash Royale YouTuber. :3
  20. Lastly, name the first two legendaries I got. :3

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Quiz topic: Let's test my Clash Royale knowledge. :D