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This quiz was to be answered with answers related to the game it's self clash Royale and the game is the no.1 mobile game of the year hope you enjoyed bye

Are you a genius flipping hell you are a great quiz answerer and I will have to come to your house and check your finger see if you have got the moon print on your finger bye

Created by: Harri dutton
  1. If you just won a legendary out of a chest. Which one would it be and how would you react to it?
  2. What is your fav legendary card in c royale ?
  3. What is your favourite arena on clash royale?
  4. How many times in a day do you earn a free chest?
  5. How many towers are there(arena tower and king tower)?
  6. Can Valkyrie kill a whole skeleton army?
  7. What does the prince ride on?
  8. When do you see the first legendary card available?
  9. What do all cards have in the top right corner
  10. What is the initials of the logo of clash royale?

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