The (new) Clash Royale Quiz

Tis the Latest clash royale quiz, really hard to keep stuff like this recent with all dem updates. But here it is the latest quiz for Clash Royale.good luck bro

Maybe you will learn a thing or two after taking this quiz, who knows. you might be a clash royale expertor just a stranger taking this quiz to make time pass by, take this quiz to know how much you know.:0

Created by: IAmJosh
  1. Who won the King's Cup Tournament?
  2. Name the chest that will give you a guaranteed Legendary
  3. What was the first ever event?
  4. Which is the recent card that got released?
  5. How many trophies to be in legendary arena?
  6. Name a card that is underestimated but it's actually really strong
  7. Name 2 cards that make people nervous/scare them.
  8. Latest legendary released?
  9. Name of the new arena going to be released?
  10. Can you donate/request epics?
  11. Name the 4 new cards in the update that are coming soon

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