Quiz Royale!!!!

Clash Royale is a complicated game and it takes months to master! Do you have what it takes to be an all time Clash Royale genius? Take this simple quiz to find out!

What is a Clash Royale genius you may ask well only the most complexest of brains can take in all the Clash Royale knowledge that is what makes a Clash Royale genius!

Created by: G.T.V.S.
  1. How many cards are in Clash Royale
  2. Which Arena has 2 availible legedaries in
  3. How many legendary cards are in Clash Royale
  4. Who created Clash Royale
  5. Which one of theese games did Supercell Games create
  6. Who is King Royale's brother
  7. How many arenas ( including Training Camp ) are in Clash Royale
  8. Which of theese cards is NOT an epic card
  9. Which of theese cards IS a legendary card

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