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This is a Quiz of the mobile game Clash Of Clans. This is just a quiz for fun. The questions are very easy (or should be) and you shouldnt really have much of a drag with them.

This quiz is to test your knowledge of the game, are you a pro/expert? or a newbie. Who knows? This is a test to try that knowledge! What will you get, lets see.

Created by: Timothy
  1. At what townhall level is the Valkyrie unlocked?
  2. Which company created Clash of Clans?
  3. Which attack strategy uses a combination of Golems, Wizards and Pekkas?
  4. Which attack strategy uses a combination of Lava hounds and balloons?
  5. Which attack strategy uses a combination of Valkyries, Golems and Wizards?
  6. Who was the first player to ever reach 4.000 Trophies?
  7. On what date was Clash Of Clans released?
  8. In order to get all five builders how many gems do you need to spend?
  9. What does PEKKA officially stand for?
  10. Is it possible to stay at townhall 1 without completing the tutorial?
  11. Is it possible to skip the tutorial without placing down your Cannon?
  12. What is the unit that spawns undead monsters to distract defenses called?
  13. Before it got patched there was a term used for using a lightning spell on a dark elixir storage, what was that called?
  14. Which 2 troops have the highest movement speed in the game?
  15. Which troop has the highest DPS in the game?
  16. Who was the most popular Youtuber before he/she ended up quitting Clash of Clans?
  17. Which troop was introduced in the 2014 Clash of Clans Halloween update?
  18. When Clash of Clans had their 5th Anniversary a special obstacle was added for a limited time, what did it look like?
  19. Which defensive building requires Elixir to function?
  20. Which defensive building requires Dark Elixir to function?
  21. Which 2 ingame troops have their own hero?
  22. What does the term CW stand for?
  23. Which other games have the company that created Clash of Clans made? (If you have played them or heard about them that is, xD)
  24. Last Question: (You should know this if you have played the game) What does level 8 Walls look like?

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