clash of clans do you know your clash

I would like you to know that before you take this quiz it is about Clash of Clans so I hope that you have been studying or already know your stuff because it is embarrassing when you get everything wrong

I believe in your clever mind that you will get over 60% on this quiz and I know if you play Clash of Clans it will be the easiest quiz you have ever faced.

Created by: Johndoe555

  1. How old do you need to be to play clash of clans
  2. What does coc stand for
  3. When do you unlock minions
  4. What is Clash of Clans company name
  5. What is the max town hall
  6. What is one game Supercell made
  7. What year did coc come out
  8. When do you get your first spell
  9. How many gems do you need to spend if you want 5 builders
  10. What two troops are a hero

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Quiz topic: Clash of clans do I know my clash