Clash of Clans Personality Quiz

There are many Clash of Clan troops, but did you ever ask yourself which one you would be if you were one? Would you be the Barbarian, Archer, Giant, Goblin, or Wall Breaker?

So, which is it? If it weren't for this awesome quiz made by me, you would have no ide! But now you can know by only answering 12 simple questions! Please enjoy!

Created by: Sarafina
  1. What is your best trait?
  2. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  3. What is your weapon of choice?
  4. What two other troops would most likely be your friend?
  5. What color hair would you want to have?
  6. Which troop do you find most annoying?
  7. Which troop do you want to get?
  8. What did you think?
  9. Do you play COC?
  10. What quiz should I do next?

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