The Clash Of Clans Test

Clash of clans is a strategic MMORPG game which has touched the height of popularity. It is now known to almost all the younger citizens of the world. Even Vatican City, the smallest country, has over 1000 players!

Take this quiz to find out your intelligence on Clash Of Clans. If you are a super fan of Clash Of Clans then you will, for sure, get a higher result.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Who created clash of clans?
  2. When was clash of clans made?
  3. In clash of clans, a clan can consist upto?
  4. Where was it made?
  5. How many percent of partnership does the company has with a bank?
  6. How many people are behind coc?
  7. How many percent of Dark Elixir is stored on Dark Elixir Drills?
  8. Hacking is possible.
  9. What's the income per day of clash of clans' developers?
  10. What's the gender of P.E.K.K.A

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