Do you clash royale and clash of clans

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This quiz will test you on how much knowledge you have of the 2 most poplar game ever. If you really like it you should know lots about the 2 games I am going to test you on.

Do you have what it takes to become a 100% genius on these two games? Come on, start the quiz an see how much you know about the two games. Come on, don't be afraid I know you can do it!

Created by: N.O.Y.B
  1. What are the types of troops in clash of clans?
  2. Which one of these aren't a hero in clash of clans?
  3. What is the first and last troop in barracks?
  4. What is the first and last troop in the dark barracks?
  5. Which one of these targets defences first?
  6. Moving on to clash royale now, what are the 4 card types in the game?
  7. How much elixir can you store?
  8. How much elixir does a PEKKA need
  9. What epic card hasn't got a elixir cost but can have one?
  10. Is there clans in the game?
  11. What is the most expensive card in the game?
  12. What is the cheapest card in the game?
  13. What does pls mean in clash of clans?
  14. What does thx mean in the game?

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Quiz topic: Do I clash royale and clash of clans