Clash Of Quizzes

This quiz is all about clash of clans some of the questions are hard and some of them well not to much but try your best. You guys are the star to me.

This quiz was a request from my brother because he wanted to do it. I hope you guys enjoy this quiz that I made for you guys to do. Add me on clash of you want.

Created by: Michael

  1. Which troops in the game spit fire.
  2. Which troop is stronger at max. Pekkas or Barbarians?
  3. Which troops only steel loot first?
  4. What how many hero’s are there?
  5. What do baby dragons do when they are alone?
  6. Which troop can jump over wallsduring attack?
  7. Which troops can heal others?
  8. Which town hall has a defensive mechanism?
  9. Which troops only go for defenses?
  10. Last Question, What troop uses an X-Bow

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