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  • The (new) Clash Royale Quiz
    [published: Dec 18, 2016]

    Tis the Latest clash royale quiz, really hard to keep stuff like this recent with all dem updates.…

  • Let's test your Clash Royale knowledge. :D
    [published: Aug 13, 2016]

    Clash Royale is a strategy game where you get to collect cards and upgrade them and…

  • Mother~Of~All~Ninja~Rolls. :3
    [published: Apr 3, 2016]

    Go ahead and hit me if your able I can see that you're able to kill me But I'll come after…

  • Josh's shout outs
    [published: Dec 20, 2015]

    I have been here for a few months and Its... I guess im happy being here on GTQ.. Gosh GTQ why must i write…

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