Mother~Of~All~Ninja~Rolls. :3

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Go ahead and hit me if your able I can see that you're able to kill me But I'll come after dying Even if the pain is more fun together. :) I know you're made of LOVE (Level Of ViolencE)

Spam Spam is life Wouldn't it hurt anyone if I just went bad for a little while? :) I mean, it could be fun, I may never know Ok stop wasting your time reading this

Created by: IAmJosh
  1. What is my age?
  2. What other user do other people ship me with?
  3. I've been on GTQ for 8 months. :P
  4. I like trains
  5. Sanic, masturbates in the speed of sound
  6. *tries to seduce you*
  8. Joy Of a Shltty Human
  9. Clash Royale is life. :D
  10. Who is my favorite GTQ user?

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