What art of Ninja are you?

What is a ninja? A Ninja is not those people who just jump and vanish and kill everyone. Ninja have been around since at the 14th century, when Guerilla warfare in feudal Japan called for espionage and assassination-activities which Samurai would not perform because they were forbidden by Bushido, the Samurai Code.

Ninja were called on to be master spies, assassins and specialist warriors, both for and against the enemy. While some aspects of the ninja way may be outdated, the principles and techniques remain valuable for anyone who wants to learn from and emulate the ninja way. This test could tell you what type of Ninja you are. The knowledge of Ninjas are from Grimmith, Jack H, Thief, Anonymous, Teresa, Oldewindmill, SudoKing, Venita Steadand others.

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  1. When you dream, what emotions do your dreams give off?
  2. Do you take walks outside and watch the trees or plants?
  3. What is your favorite season?
  4. Are you active?
  5. What do you think a Ninja is?
  6. What of these types of swords are REAL.
  7. What of these type of staffs are REAL.
  8. What is a "Shuriken"?
  9. Which would you prefer to use; Spear or your legs and arms?
  10. A robber comes in your house. How would you fight back?

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Quiz topic: What art of Ninja am I?